Al Medeiros

Al Medeiros Bio

My wife Connie and I moved to Oakmont in October 2015. We believe it’s one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.   I’ve spent the last 50 years in senior technical and management positions with several different companies.

My most challenging assignment with IBM was providing technical support to our 100 largest customers, troubleshooting and resolving complex problems. I dealt with people with all levels of technical expertise, kept everyone informed and working together until we found a solution. Here in Oakmont, I’ve put these skills to use by volunteering to do house calls for people with PC problems and began within a few weeks of moving here. I’ve been pretty busy ever since and I learn something on every call, not just about computers, but about the vibrancy of this community.  I have recently been recruited to branch out to install and configure personal monitoring devices for Oakmonters who are living alone.

Three Questions

  1. I think my background in problem solving and working with people would help me serve as a board member. Working with computers consists of solving a series of never ending problems. I’m very good at defining and understanding a problem before attempting to design a solution. I’m also very good at breaking a large, complex problem down into a series of smaller, easier to solve problems and conquering the whole a piece at a time. The Berger Center Project is an example of a complex problem that will need to be solved over the next year or two.
  2. I believe board members should execute the duties outlined in our bylaws, namely to provide athletic and recreational and club facilities for the use of the members. We were first drawn to Oakmont on our first visit because we witnessed an active lifestyle and impressive facilities. I’ve since attended many board meetings and have seen several new clubs and organizations request and receive recognition by the board. I believe the board should continue to explore, encourage and support new activities that are requested by members.  Above all, directors must execute their fiduciary responsibilities and always act in the best interest of the association, putting Oakmont first. That happens when we all work together to get things done for the community.
  3. I would be available for fireside chats, meeting with individuals or groups of members, addressing issues and concerns through email and any other private communication medium. I would like to see a section of our website where people can ask question or express concerns and receive a response. Being on the board is an opportunity to serve and at the same time enhance and protect the amazing assets we all enjoy in Oakmont.