Andie Altman

Andie Altman


I was elected to the OVA board in 2014 and currently serve as OVA Vice President.  I am actively participating on the Berger Improvement Committee, chaired the Architectural Committee and Community Garden Policy Project, and contributed as a member of the OVA/OGC Task Force and Oakmont Emergency Preparedness Committee Board.

The knowledge, ability to make decisions and skills that I apply on behalf of our community as an OVA Director come from my work experience as an executive with McKesson Drug, owner of a Kenwood video store, homeowner association President, and surprisingly, an HOA manager.

I remain active in Community Service, which provides strong and necessary connections to our membership. I served as President of the Oakmont Kiwanis Club.

Personally I bring the highest integrity, passion, hard work, diligence, dedication, and a good sense of humor to all I undertake.  I would like to again serve as your Director.



My current responsibilities as Vice President have allowed me to hone my skills in research and due diligence, communication and decision-making.  Through my work with the Berger Improvement Committee, I am also uniquely qualified to understand and assess priorities and funding needs for both current assets and future improvements. I am actively involved in the budgeting process and a member of the Asset Reserve committee which was tasked to study the Association’s assets, timing for their replacement and the required investment. I have a firm grasp of OVA governing documents and a record of interacting with our members to bring their voices to the decision-making process.


The Board is charged with managing the affairs of the Association with fiscal responsibility.  Directors must incorporate many legal requirements and policies into the daily operations of a medium-sized business with over 3200 homes and many facilities, while accommodating the wishes of 4800 residents.

With aging facilities and diverse member needs, successful board members must exhibit sound decision-making skills.  I possess these skills.

Over the next 2-3 years, I believe the highest priorities will be to continue ensuring fiscal prudence on decisions including:

  • Much needed improvements and expansions at the Central Recreation Area including the Berger Center
  • Present and future space and asset needs
  • Continued reduction of operational and maintenance costs to provide better value for our dues


I have enjoyed interactions with Oakmont residents at fireside chats, open forums, informal conversations, and committee meetings.  Resident’s letters, emails and phone calls have given me unique insight into the needs, desires, and perspectives of our community.

It takes integrity, communication skills, and creative vision coupled with realism, the ability to empower others and an eagerness to do it all for free to be a Director.

Please vote for me to continue to serve you.