Another Maypole Appears in Oakmont

  • Jim Brewer; photos: Paul Ryan

This tennis ball Is one of the unusual anchors for the 2018 Maypole. You can see it here or in person at the green near the CAC.

On a cloudy Friday morning, a giant streaming Maypole appeared on the green by the Berger Center, presented as a gift to the Oakmont community from the Tennis Club.
“Take a walk or drive by the Central Activity Center to see it!” says Oakmont Tennis Club President Terri Somers, who is the inspiration behind what she called “the Second annual Maypole in Oakmont.”

 This year’s pole has some new features: the multi-colored streamers are joined at the top to a tennis racket and each is anchored to the lawn with a tennis ball.
The Maypole will be there through the early part of May.