Board Box 5-2-2018

Here are the major actions taken at the OVA Directors meeting May 1:

East Rec — Voted  unanimously to authorize the OVA treasurer to research the options for securing a loan for the East Rec. remodel.

Social Media — Directed the Communications Committee to amend publication policy to accurately reflect the organization’s potential use of social media on the organization website.

Resolution Format — Unanimously adopted the “resolution form” as a standard means of submitting all agenda items for both executive session and open meetings.

Pickleball Conversion — Voted unanimously to sign contracts totaling  $42,659 to convert the two lower tennis courts at the East Rec. to six pickleball courts.

BCC — Added Oakmont artist and interior designer David Harris to the Building Construction Committee and, separately, made the Berger Action Committee a subcommittee of the BCC.

New Committee — voted unanimously to create a Community Education and Transparency Committee to “recommend to the board various educational opportunities, such as structured debates on important issues.”

Renters– Voted 5-1 to establish a policy allowing renters to attend board meetings and comment during open forums. Director Greg Goodwin dissented, citing concerns about whether such a policy is legal under state law governing homeowner associations.