Couples Who Work On Cars Together, Go Far Together

  • Ron Leve

A new Oakmont record has been recorded; Resident has same wife and car for 60 years! 

Oakmont Car Show will be held on May 26, 10am – 1pm in the Berger Parking Lot
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Don and Lucile Meader bought a 1931 Ford Model A two months before they married in 1957 for $75. Over the years, Don managed to keep the car running, and Lucile gained many automotive

A photo of Oakmont couple, Don & Lucile in front of their Model A Ford.

photo by Joe Milan

skills, including being able to diagnose why their car wouldn’t start, and even learning how to start the Model A with its infamous double-clutch, a maneuver most modern drivers couldn’t dream of mastering. With all this experience in tow Lucile is now a real “Car Gal.” After retiring in 1999, Don began restoring the car.

Don and Lucile Meader celebrated their 60th anniversary on October 13th during the Sonoma County Wildfires. They evacuated leaving behind their special Ford Model A, not knowing if they would ever see their home or treasured car again.

When they returned with all safe, the couple said finding their home and car undamaged were the “two best anniversary gifts (they) could have ever received.”