Family & Dog Safe After Meadowridge Fire

  • Jim Brewer

photo by Rick Aubert

Just after Dennis and Donna Boaz and their dog, Hachie, dashed to safety as flames engulfed the east end of his home on Meadowridge Drive, Boaz realized that he had forgotten his walker.

“I just had a knee operation two days ago,” Boas told the Oakmont News. “The adrenaline must have really kicked in. I didn’t even notice that I forgot my walker.”

photo by Julie Kiil

It was half past midnight on Sunday when the smoke alarms went off. The fire, visible to most of Oakmont’s West end residents,  burned the garage, two cars and half the kitchen before fire fighters go it under control a half hour later.
Boaz said a space heater in the garage probably ignited the garage rafters. 

The couple got treatment for smoke inhalation, but they were ok. “We’re kind of shocked, but ,

photo by Julie Kiil showing smoke damage.

still our moods are up,” Boaz said, adding that he thinks it will be many months before his home is habitable. “We’re basically going to be redoing the house. It’s in pretty bad shape.”

Still he considers himself among the fortunate. “When I think off all the recent fires where their damage was so tragic,  ours is just going to be disruptive. And that’s nothing new around here.

photo by Julie Kiil