OVA Board Approves $183K For East Rec AV & Shades

The Oakmont Village Association Board has approved two contracts totaling $183,000 for new audio-visual equipment and window coverings as part of the remodel of the East Recreation Center. This brings the overall cost of the project to $1,933,000.

The board also authorized treasurer Elke Strunka at the May 1 meeting to research  loans for the East Rec renovation and the Berger Center project while rates are low. She said that since the board may need to borrow funds for the Berger Center project, scheduled  for 2020, “it may be cost effective to borrow money when rates are low as opposed to two years from now when it may be certain that the rates will increase.” She will recommend a financing solution at the next regular business meeting June 19.

The time line for the East Rec remodel has changed slightly. OVA manager Kevin Hubred said in his report at the meeting that the project, set to begin on or around June 1, “will take approximately six months (or more) for completion.” Previous estimates said the work could be completed in four months.

Outlining the need for the audio-visual overhaul, Iris Harrell, chair of the Building Construction Committee, and David Dearden said a survey indicated difficulty in hearing at East Rec events. They also said the projector has to be lowered one foot and the screen by two feet. While the system, updated at a cost of $30,000 five years ago, already needs replacement, they said the new system will last “a very long time” and spoke in terms of decades.

The two contracts include $122,000 with PCD, Santa Rosa, for the audio-visual update and $61,000 with Hartley Window Coverings, Sebastopol, for new window coverings, including shades, window screens and exterior shutters. They said the new projector will provide a much sharper and brighter image and the “audio everywhere” system will project sound into every part of the room. There will also be an enhanced loop system with the ability to send sound directly into hearing aids.