OVA & Golf Club Informational Meeting

  • Steve Spanier

An OVA informational event on the topic of financial support from the OVA to the Oakmont Golf Club (OGC) is planned for June 5 from 6 – 8 PM in the Berger Center. At this event, various issues the OVA might weigh in considering any financial relationship with the OGC will be explored.

The intent is for anyone interested to pose questions and propose options or actions that would be in the interest of the community.  Suggested questions and alternatives will be culled and combined by the Community Education and Transparency Committee [or other persons designated by the BOD], in order to present and speak to a reasonable number during the meeting. An OGC panel will respond, addressing each question and explaining why alternative options might or might not work, could be useful, or are simply not feasible.

Please provide your suggestion(s), no later than May 20, via Email or in writing, 6637 Oakmont Drive


Please do not include any suggestion that involves a gift, donation or direct monthly subsidy from OVA to OGC. The hope is to receive discerning inquiries and innovative suggestions that might be fair to all parties concerned and will help to avoid realization of various dire predictions that have been suggested in some quarters.