Three Ways To Get Involved: Volunteer, Attend and Discuss

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New Committee

The OVA board of directors is seeking a chairperson and members to the newly approved Community Education and Transparency Committee (CETC).

The committee’s job is to recommend to the board a variety of informational platforms to improve member’s knowledge and participation in Oakmont issues. Read more details online at or see the President’s Message on page   .

The board is seeking members and a chairperson interested in understanding and fulfilling the needs of the community by promoting of discovery and planning of educational opportunities for the Board and our community members. Learning events may include fireside chats, town hall meetings, workshops, seminars and other similar educational opportunities.

Interested parties should email

Learn and Discuss

A dialogue on the financial possibilities between the OVA and the Golf Club will be held June 5, 6 to 8 p.m. in the Berger Center.

Interested members may pose questions and propose options or actions that would be in the interest of the community.  Suggested questions and alternatives will be culled and combined by the Community Education and Transparency Committee [or other persons designated by the BOD], in order to present and speak to a reasonable number during the meeting. An OGC panel will respond, addressing each question and explaining why alternative options might or might not work, could be useful, or are simply not feasible.

Please send suggestion(s), no later than May 20 to or in writing to the OVA office, 6637 Oakmont Dr.

Join a Group

A new Oakmont Club the Respectful Dialogue Club has been approved by the board and will meet in groups of five to seven people to engage in “living room conversations”

It’s an opportunity to get to know your neighbors while at the same time bridging the gap between contrasting beliefs and partisan affiliations. Learn more about the process at To join the discuss here at Oakmont contact Mary England 707-528-6502 or