Bill Lucker

Bill Lucker Bio

Since moving to Oakmont three years ago, my wife and I have found that the many activities offered here have been vitally important in building new friendships with other community members.  I believe that serving on the Board of Directors is the best way I can give back to our community.

After spending 35 years as Professor of Psychology at the University of Texas El Paso, Reenie and I retired to Oakmont to be closer to family in California.  We have had wonderful opportunities to live and visit different parts of the world, and we’re glad we came here.

I believe that I can meet the challenges of making tough Board decisions with fairness and optimism.  I have a strong respect for Oakmont’s history, character and community culture, and believe our Boards must always protect that culture and adhere to our by-laws.

Three Questions

  1. As a professor of organizational psychology and a mediator, my successful experiences include working with many groups to improve communication and effectiveness. My careful, analytical, fact-based approach to decision-making was developed as a scientist and researcher, plus I am dependable, fair, level-headed, logical, and decisive.  I’m a careful listener and a fast learner, studying problems from all sides to make informed decisions.
    Bringing my experiences, talents, and skills to the Board of Directors will be a positive contribution to our community.
  2. An effective Board sets the direction for an organization and watches over the management of its resources. As a Director, I will do my homework, attend, and be prepared for all meetings.  I will listen to every resident who contacts me and will consider their input.  I will study all relevant materials and perform the due diligence this community deserves.  At meetings, I will listen to other perspectives, express my own, weigh all information and make the best decision for the interests of the entire association.  I believe a Board that works together well helps the community live together well.  To that end, I promise to be a Director who works with others for the betterment of Oakmont.
  3. Communication with the membership is a very important part of the job. Emails and letters are a productive way to do this.  I will also be available to meet with people and to listen to their concerns.  I will be courteous and respectful in interactions with members and will expect the same treatment in return.  I ask for your consideration and vote to help Oakmont move forward together.