Harriet Palk

Harriet Palk


Since 2005, I have participated in many OVA activities from Symposium, Current Events, Democratic Club (six years as secretary, treasurer and president), concerts and more. My interest in the board started in 2009 when directors voted to eliminate insurance benefits for employee spouses.  I marshaled forces, and we succeeded in restoring some of the benefits.  Since then, I’ve attended all board meetings unless out of town.  In 2012, I was an integral part of a group that was successful in stopping the construction of an office building OVA could not afford.   In 2014, I was appointed to the Communications Committee and serve as secretary and as editor of the manager’s e-newsletter that has greatly furthered my knowledge of OVA operations and policies.  Before retirement, I worked as a computer programmer and bookkeeper. I earned a BA in Economics from UCLA and have been married to Bernie for 52 years.



My strengths include strong listening skills and the ability to synthesize what I hear to form plans of action. I am also a skilled organizer and time manager, which helps me accomplish my goals. I have worked with many organizations here and collaborated successfully on several projects. I believe my involvement in Oakmont has prepared me well to serve.


It is important for the Board to understand the policies that should guide its decision-making.  We must spend our limited funds in the most effective way for the most people to achieve maximum results.  Board members should take Open Forum questions seriously and craft meaningful answers and fully explain the reasons for decisions.  I believe it is important for the board to update our by-laws, and I will seek to create an ad hoc committee to explore this.  It is past time to extend voting rights to each individual resident member and not just to a household. The board sets policy for the efficient, lawful operation of Oakmont and must pay attention to the issues that impact Oakmont now and in the future.


Communication has never been easier.  I would like to see OVA expand the member experience on our website, including timely news stories and alerts for members.  I also support Fireside Chats as a way to have informal discussions and know the pulse of the community. Social media will continue to play a larger role and unfortunately can sometimes disseminate misinformation. Members should be able to obtain verified information on our website as issues and questions arise. I use email effectively as a communications tool, and I will always be responsive.  I will answer all member questions, whether electronic, mailed or by phone, with timely, thoughtful answers.