Planning for the Future – LRPC

Oakmont’s long range plans guideĀ local decision-making by Oakmont boards, committees and residents in a coordinated manner. In October 2013, the OVA Board voted to endorse and support the preparation of a Long Range Plan for Oakmont. The Voices Of Oakmont survey report is the result of inquiries made by the Long Range Planning Committee, and may be found in the documents listed at the bottom of this page.

OVA Board Liaison:

  • Ken Heyman

OVA Staff Liaison:

  • Rick Aubert


  • Kathryn Cirksena
  • Lyn Cramer
  • Yvonne Frauenfelder
  • Iris Harrell
  • George McKinney
  • Elke Strunka

The elements listed below are provided solely for the purpose of review by Oakmont residents.