Consultants Approved to Move Berger Remodel to Next Steps

Jackie Reinhardt

Building on the work of the former Berger Improvement Committee, the subgroup pursuing remodeling options for the Berger Center asked for and received the go ahead from the OVA Board March 7 to spend up to $20,000 for consultants.

Speaking on behalf of the new Berger Action Committee (BAC), Bob Jackson said the money will be used to refine concepts previously recommended for modernizing and expanding Berger, adding a new lobby and making meeting and auditorium space more flexible.

The subcommittee, which also includes Claudette Brero-Gow and David Dearden, will work with ArchiLOGIX and its principal architect, Mitch Connor, to incorporate new space needs and identify building components, such as doors, windows, flooring and partitions. ArchiLOGIX, which has a long history in Oakmont, will bill for work on an hourly basis, not to exceed a budget of $15,000.

Also approved were Brokaw Design to do an electrical assessment and 15000 Inc. to conduct mechanical studies of the Berger Center. These contracts limit expenditures to $2,000 and $3,000 respectively. Kevin Zucco of ZFA will provide a complete structural/seismic analysis under a previously-approved $10,000 contract which has $7,500 remaining.

Asked to clarify what ASCE41 Tier 2 refers to in ZFA’s proposal, Jackson said it means a detailed procedure for seismic analysis of a building that will be retrofitted. “The main point is that it will be done to the highest standards,” he added.

Jackson also outlined a timetable for reporting to the board. Requests for additional consultants and a parking study will be presented March 21, a progress report on April 18 and on May 2 the subcommittee will request approval to begin the selection process for an architect/engineering team and cost estimator and specify how the project will be built (design/bid/build or a variation). The initial design phase known as schematics is slated to begin in July.

The full Berger Action Committee plans to present options for remodeling or constructing a new Berger no later than January 2018.