Fixing East Pool, Deck Won’t Happen Soon

Marty Thompson

Upgrades and repairs needed to the East Rec Center pool and balcony “will be expensive, time-consuming and stressfull, OVA President Ellen Leznik told a town hall meeting April 28.

The best guess for when the work could start is spring of 2018, OVA Maintenance Manager Rick Aubert told the more than 100 people in the Berger Center audience. The work could take 3 to 4 months, during which the pool would be closed, increasing the load at Oakmont’s two other pools.

Rick Aubert (Photos by Keith Sauer)

Aubert said that contractors have been quoting eight-month lead times, and that Oakmont first needs plans and permits as well as bids.

The project would include replacing the rotting East Rec balcony, probably with a smaller one, replastering the pool and replacing the pool deck. The deck must have a slope of 2 percent or less to meet ADA standards, he said. The present deck doesn’t meet that requirement.

OVA Manager Cassie Turner noted the pool was built in 1987. Aubert showed photos of wood on the now closed balcony that is rotten or splitting.

OVA has been looking at balcony repair or replacement since last year. Members asked to state their preferences via email have favored replacement with a smaller deck, and rejected proposals for stairs from the balcony to the pool area.

Included in the project would be new equipment to operate the pool, and to convert it to a saline pool – like the West Rec pool.

The project would mostly be paid for from OVA’s asset replacement fund, which Leznik said stood at $1,150,000 at the end of last year.

“Now you know what we know,” she told the audience.

Iris Harrell, who until recently headed OVA’s Construction Oversight Committee, declared she favors a smaller deck with no stairs,

Iris Harrell

drawing applause.

Ed Sutter voiced support for spending money on other things than a deck.

Melissa Bower urged that views from the pool be preserved, even if a shade canopy is added.

Don Green suggested that work on the East Rec include upgrading its kitchen appliances to commercial grade.

John Felton contended “the deck wasn’t really used” when it was open, and that if it is replaced or not “six months from now no one will remember what it used to look like.”

John Felton