Key Cards Now Required for East Rec


An Orange sign pasted on the East Rec Center doors warns that propping them open sets off an alarm in the OVA security office/.


Jim Brewer

Something has changed when you enter the East Rec Center: The doors won’t open without an OVA key car

The card access, the same one already needed for the CAC, is part of a program to secure all Oakmont facilities.

“Residents continually bring up the security issues here at Oakmont and with card access to the facilities everyone who enters that facility is identified by their access card,” said Oakmont’s facilities manager, Rick Aubert. “This eliminates someone just driving or walking by and going into the facility, who is not a resident and vandalizing or stealing items.”

Propping the doors open triggers an alarm in the security office, Aubert said.

Card key entry also helps keep track of how many residents are using individual facilities.

The East Rec installation, consisting of the reader at the entrance door and an additional reader at the new pool gate with the installations ADA compliant, cost $16,500.  The project was recommended by the finance committee and approved by the OVA Board in 2016.