Oakmont Manager Cassie Turner Resigns

Marty Thompson
    Cassie Turner, who has been the  OVA manager for 31/2 years, has resigned, citing lack of collaboration and exclusion from OVA business by the board.
   “I have no choice but resignation,” Turner said in a statement.
    Her resignation came in a July 14 letter to the board, following a visible cooling in the relationship in which President Ellen Leznik and some other board members often acted directly with vendors, effectively freezing Turner out.
   It is the third departure from the OVA since Leznik was elected president in April. Malcolm Manwell, OVA’s attorney for 35 years, resigned this month. And OVA’s internet technology staffer, Cat Cajarski, left July 28, citing difficulty working with the board.
    Leznik said in a statement, “We do not believe it is appropriate or wise to discuss private personnel issue in public forums and so have no comment.” She added that “the OVA Board will be working to identify a new manager and making the transition as smooth as possible.”
    Turner said she gave the board 30 days notice.
   “As a management professional with over 30 years experience, I have encountered an insurmountable lack of collaboration and a high degree of exclusion of myself and some board members,” she said. “I have no choice but resignation. I am grateful for the many opportunities to work with and to know so many Oakmonters who have willingly lent their support and experience to the betterment of our community,” Turner said.
    Leznik herself has met with city officials about the board’s proposal to convert East Rec Center tennis courts to pickle ball.  She was elected president by a new board majority which ran opposing the cost of a plan approved by three previous boards to build new pickleball courts at Oakmont’s central area. The same day, Leznik walked onto the site where construction had just begun and ordered the contractor to stop work.
  Turner was not involved in negotiations with the contractor, who has been paid around $15,000 for a day and a half’s work, but any settlement over OVA’s contract with the firm is unknown.
   Director Greg Goodwin reported in a board meeting on a contract with a firm for restoring the construction site, which includes piles of torn-up concrete. Leznik turned to Turner with questions, but the manager threw up her hands and said she hadn’t been involved.
   Andie Altman, board president prior to Leznik, said in a statement that “Oakmont has benefitted tremendously from the professionalism,honesty, talent, experience, guidance and knowledge Cassie has brought to us.
   “I am honored to have had the chance to work with and learn from her,” Altman said. “She will be missed.”