Oakmonters Dance Around the Maypole

Oakmonters came out in force to celebrate spring and dance around the maypole. Oakmont’s maypole appeared a few days before the traditional May 1 festivities and was the second “feel good” event aimed at bringing residents together for some happiness and spirited community.

Terri Somers arranged for Morris dancers and music on the brick patio in front of the Berger. Oakmont’s maypole sported a garland of flowers and 35 colorful ribbons tied to the spokes of a bicycle wheel at the top of a 15-foot pole.

“Terri came to me seeking OVA support and approval to bring some beauty and happiness to Oakmont,” said OVA Manager Cassie Turner. “I said,’Go for it!, and boy did she. “This beautiful display of ribbons and flowers was designed and built by Terri.”

Morris dancers were also on hand to provide  maypole dancing and wrapping lessons, as well as traditional tunes. Morris dance, dating to pre-Elizabethan times in England, is a form of folk dance based on rhythmic stepping.

Somers said the installation of the pole took several hours and  help from Gil, Dominic and Brad of OVA Maintenance. Somers tied each of the ribbons to the spokes of the bike wheel, hung silk flowers with fishing line, then it was time to raise the pole and secure the ribbons to the ground.

Click through a sample of the festivities.

Photography by Kathy Sowers and Julie Kiil