OVA President: Board to address repurposing tennis courts, creating 6 pickleball courts.


Thank you for making our recent election unprecedented in terms of member participation, with 1913 votes cast, an increase of almost 32% over the previous election. Now that the recount is behind us, your Board is looking to address all the issues you told us were important to you.

At our April 28th Town Hall meeting we discussed and sought input from all of you on the revitalization of our East Recreation Center (ERC). OVA members have consistently placed this among their highest priorities. We are bringing this important issue before the community so that the Board can understand your concerns as part of the decision-making process, and so that we can take a comprehensive approach to the various sub-projects it entails.

At our May 2 meeting The Board will address repurposing of underutilized ERC tennis courts for pickleball with the potential to create six pickleball courts. If approved, such conversion will be included in Phase I of the ERC revitalization project. This repurposing of two out of four existing tennis courts will cost significantly less than the now-terminated Central Activity Center (CAC) Pickleball project, will not require months of construction, and will preserve the open space valued by many residents in our community. In order for this project to be successful we need the united efforts of the Oakmont Pickleball Club, Oakmont Tennis Club and nearby ERC residents. Such unity and working together will allow us to find a solution that will be acceptable to all. It will also allow us to complete the project quickly and keep the costs down.

Also at our May 2 Board meeting we will be considering formation of the Central Park Planning Committee, a new Ad-Hoc Committee which, if approved, will be charged with restoration of the area previously designated for construction of new Pickleball courts. A community gathering space is a high priority to our members as stated in the Voices of Oakmont survey conducted in 2015. We will seek input from the community on establishing a place at the CAC, the heart of our community, where families and friends can get together, one that will enhance the beauty of our central area, and will be a symbol of our coming together and healing.

Moving forward we plan to make Town Halls a regular part of our decision-making process. We want to understand and address OVA members’ concerns as we take on the many projects before us in keeping Oakmont a vibrant, beautiful and well-maintained community.