What is the Asset Reserve Fund?

Reserve Fund

A Reserve Fund basically puts money aside today to pay for replacement of assets in the future.  Look at our four largest assets, the Berger Center and the three Recreation Centers.  Each of those assets consist of many smaller assets and each has a useful life and will someday be replaced. Continue reading


These questions and answers are provided to our membership to give current, factual information on projects, policies and other OVA operations. The information is provided by the OVA management team. If you have a question, please email us at

Frequently Asked Questions

OVA directors and management get many inquiries from Oakmont members. This web page highlights some of the “frequently asked questions” on a variety of OVA projects, policies and programs of interest to members.  The OVA also delivers a twice monthly newspaper to all homes and it is available on this website and includes reports on board meetings and other Oakmont events and initiatives.  We hope members will find the posts here of value as a source of information about our community.  All content is from OVA directors and management.

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