Preliminary Findings on Future of Berger Center at July 5 Workshop

Jackie Reinhardt

Oakmonters will learn more about prospects for remodeling the existing Berger Center when preliminary recommendations from seismic, structural, electrical and mechanical consultants are shared Wednesday, July 5 at an OVA Board Workshop.

Bob Jackson will make the Berger Action Committee presentation starting at 1 p.m. at the Berger Center.

“We want to hear from our members and hope that many will come to the July 5 board workshop to voice their opinions and preferences,” OVA President Ellen Leznik said.

“ In addition to the reports by several engineering and architectural firms, the board is reviewing a multitude of information submitted to us by these committees, and considering community input which will assist us with the long-awaited decision,” Leznik said.

The BAC chair, Claudette Brero-Gow, noted that “Although the reports aren’t final, they will address issues that make a difference in the direction we proceed. Renovations being considered provide wonderful additional flexibility in Berger’s use as well as bring an indoor-outdoor aspect to the community.”

The committee hopes to hire an estimator to facilitate reliable estimates of the costs for remodeling the existing Berger or building a new multipurpose center.

Also on the workshop agenda is a parking study of the entire central project area, which was overseen by Art Fitchtenberg.

Leznik thanked members of the BAC and two earlier committees who worked over the last three years to determine the future of the Berger.