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December 6th BOD Meeting Summary

Board President Gloria Young announced the hiring of new general manager Kevin Hubred, who will start on January 2. Facilities Manager Rick Aubert updated the board and the community on facility usage status.  At this time, only the East Recreation Center pool and spa, locker rooms and billiard room remained closed.  There have been issues […]

Statement from OVA Board of Directors on OGC

The OVA Board of Directors received a briefing yesterday from attorney Malcolm Manwell on the historical relationship between the Oakmont Golf Club and the OVA.  This background information and ensuing discussion was the first formal dialogue on this topic by the 2017 OVA Board of Directors.   Board President Gloria young stated: “In the new year […]

New OVA General Manager Announced

At Wednesday’s board meeting, Board President Gloria Young announced the hiring of the new general manager of the association.  Kevin Hubred, a seasoned manager with 18 years of large scale HOA management experience in Northern California, will take the position of OVA General Manager on January 2nd.  Among other qualifications and talents, Hubred has degrees […]

Final Tally for Fire Relief Fundraiser Announced

The Oakmont community came out in force to lend a hand to victims of the devastating fires by contributing $113,470.50 to a Fire Relief Fund.  The final amount was announced on December 4th by the Oakmont Community Foundation.  Comprised of 419 separate donations, it will be bundled into a single check and added to the […]

November 21 BOD Meeting Summary

Board President Gloria Young expressed the board’s gratitude to all who assisted in organizing the very successful and moving Veterans Day/First Responders appreciation event held at the Berger Center on November 10.  In particular, she thanked Pat Amedeo, Charlie Ensley, Ann and Jay Cobb, and board liaison Karen Oswald.  She also thanked Oakmont Market for […]

Application for Conditional Use Permit Filed with City of Santa Rosa

Following the recently announced successful sound study performed on the ERC tennis courts, OVA was set to submit the application for a Conditional Use Permit with the City Planning Department to convert two tennis courts to six pickleball courts at the ERC.  At a meeting with Susie Murray on November 3, she requested two additional […]

Sunday Symposium: “The Fire and the Future”

Don McPherson “We are now showing the potential of our community . . . can you imagine, if we kept this up moving into the future, what we can accomplish?” Santa Rosa City Council Member Tom Schwedhelm asked a capacity crowd at the Oakmont Sunday Symposium November 12. Schwedhelm has spent his entire career with […]

Pickleball Sound Study Clears The Way For ERC Court Conversion

Michael Connolly At the October 31 Board of Directors Business Meeting, Bollard Acoustical Consultants reported on the results of the sound study they performed at the East Recreation Center tennis courts.  Sound engineer Jonathan Lopez described how sound measurements were taken at both residential property lines and patios/decks of homes bordering the ERC.  Ambient noise […]

Event Honoring Veterans & First Responders Attracts Overflow Crowd to the Berger Center

Michael Connolly Update: $30,000 collected during Friday’s event at the Berger Center. Persistent rain could not dampen the enthusiastic turnout of Oakmont residents at the Berger Center on Friday to honor our veterans and the emergency first responders who contributed to the safety and wellbeing of Oakmonters and the protection of the community. Co-sponsored by the […]

Updates from your Board of Directors: GM Job Description

January 1st

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