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Oakmont Manager Cassie Turner Resigns

Cassie Turner, Oakmont’s manager for the past three and a half years, has informed the board of directors that she is resigning, effective in 30 days. Click here to read the statement she provided to the Oakmont News.

Berger Presentation Gives Overview of Committee Work

You can download the Powerpoint presentation detailing the work to date of the Berger Action Committee.

Big Turnout for Workshop Focusing on Berger’s Future

Committee headed by Claudette Brero-Gow outliines possibilities for renewing Oakmont’s primary event site.

Oakmont Gardens Expansion Put Off a Year

Owner says higher construction costs to blame.

Ruth Caldwell Steps Down at Library

After almost 20 years as the library’s chief volunteer, Ruth Caldwell tells her crew she is steppiing down.

Oakmont’s Sheep Move to East Rec

The grass-chomping herd of Droper sheep was moved by the herder to continue their fire prevention work.

Preliminary Findings on Future of Berger Center at July 5 Workshop

OVA Board to hear report from the Berger Action Committee , followed by public comment, at a board workshop Wednesday, July 5.

OVA President Ellen Leznik Outlines Changes in Board Meeting Procedures

“We’ve recently made some key changes to help our Board business meetings run more smoothly.”

Help Wanted For Senior Social Club

Two paid positions to be filled.

Bookmarking OVA Information

Now you can go quickly to the Oakmont website from your smartphone or tablet. No need to log onto the website via your computer or personal electronics. The site will give you information about life in Oakmont, and easy access to the current Oakmont News, new stories, and past issues. Click here to view the […]

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