Pat Olive

Pat Olive


I am an Oklahoma native and earned my BA in Journalism from the University of Oklahoma in 1958 and a law degree from Pepperdine University College of Law in 1971.  I practiced law with Kendig, Stockwell Law Firm [later Stockwell Harris) from 1974 to 1999, when I retired. Before joining Stockwell, I practiced with English Law Firm for a year. All of my legal practice was in Los Angeles. I also worked from September 1958 through mid 1972  in journalism as a reporter, night wire editor and copy editor  for papers that include the Abilene (Texas) Reporter News and the Santa Ana (CA) Register.

Here in Oakmont I volunteer with the Oakmont Community Garden, President from October 2014 to present, and I have served on the board of the Oakmont Rainbow Women from 2012 to the present.



I had two enjoyable careers, law and journalism. Both required seeking information; questioning and listening to people; observation, understanding and analysis of situations; decision making and living with those decisions. Negotiation and consensus building are two of my stronger qualities along with being able to communicate with people regardless of personal feeling about them or their situation.


The OVA Board is the governing body of Oakmont. Policy and enforcement in conformity with governing documents(CC&Rs, bylaws, declarations, covenants) and the Davis-Stirling Act is the duty of the Board along with establishing sound fiscal policies, developing  a workable budget keeping in mind the community as a whole, maintaining accurate records, establishing reserve funds, acting on budget items, enforcement of rules and penalties, select professionals for the association such as attorneys, auditors and insurance agents, provide adequate insurance coverage, determine and collect assessments, inform members of decisions and transactions as needed and required and attend and participate at meetings both open and closed. Implementation of board policy is the duty of the OVA manager.


Truthful. Clear communication is a necessity. An OVA Board member is a conduit between residents and the Board. As a Board member I would have appointment office hours for one-on-one conversations, which I find more productive than 45 E-mails. Social media has its place such as finding painters, plumbers, roofers, etc. but many of our issues are too complex to be handled in 140 characters. I favor personal, face to face communication.