10/15/2018 Oakmont Community Church

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Hello Beloved Community

We invite you to join us for worship and to be a part of our family of faith. Speaking of faith… I was thinking about the first rain of the season and how our faith grows when we see the hand of God. In the book of Job, Job says these words, “But as for me, I would seek God, And I would place my cause before God; Who does great and unsearchable things, Wonders without number. He gives rain on the earth and sends water on the fields,” Job 5:8-10. Is rain a great and unsearchable wonder wrought by God? “Picture yourself as a farmer in the Near East, far from any lake or stream. A few wells keep the family and animals supplied with water. But if the crops are to grow and the family is to be fed from month to month, water has to come on the fields from another source. From where?” I don’t understand how water can be carried in the sky, and I don’t know how the drops ever make to the ground, because if they start falling as soon as they are heavier than air, they would be too small not to evaporate on the way down, but if they wait to come down, what holds them up till they are big enough not to evaporate? How is it that some drops are large, and some are small, or some drops fall in mass amounts and some just gradually fall from the sky. Yes, I am sure we can show science behind all of it, because we have a tendency to science everything away. But when we do that, we miss the glory of God behind it. As for me, I will just take Job’s word for it. I am satisfied that, this is a great and unsearchable thing that God has done. I think I should be thankful – lots more thankful than I am. Grateful to God for the wonder of rain. (Article using some of John Pipper’s words.)

At the Movies Tuesday, October 30th, 2-4 pm

Oakmont Community Church is please to be hosting the faith-based movie “Do You Believe.” Everyone in the community is invited to attend. It will be playing at the Berger Center. FREE admission, FREE popcorn and FREE bottled water.

Oakmont Community Church – 50 Years of Service

We are here for you…

Sunday Worship Services at the Central Activity Center at 10:30 AM.

Sunday Worship Service for the Gardens Residents at 1:00 PM

Tuesday Bible Study at the Gardens at 1:30 PM – Teaching on Isaiah

Wednesday Bible Study at the OVA office suite B at 10:30 AM – Teaching on Acts

Visit of Updated Website: occsantarosa.org

Need Prayer: Pastor Brinda 707-595-0166


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