10/15/2018 Oakmont Sunday Symposium

Last Updated: 10-12-18

Berger Center
Sunday, 10:30 a.m.–12 noon
$3 donation

•Harriet Palk

A Map to Understanding Trauma and Responses in the Aftermath of the 2017 Fires

The 2017 fires impacted all Oakmont and Santa Rosa residents. Whether we had to evacuate, lost a home or a loved one or know someone who did – everyone was impacted by this difficult experience. Yet people responded to this overwhelming experience differently: from seeking contact with others, to being in a hypervigilant state, to withdrawal and isolation. It is not unusual for our survival responses to become newly activated around anniversary dates of traumas. As we approach the anniversary of the fires, it is helpful to have a map of different survival mechanisms to help us understand our responses in the past more fully and to allow us to navigate emerging triggers more consciously and mindfully.

Dr. Theresa Silow, an Oakmont resident, is Professor and Core Faculty in the Somatic Psychology Program at California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco and also teaches Somatic Psychology as adjunct faculty at Steinbeis Hochschule in Germany. Her private psychotherapy practice in Santa Rosa focuses on somatic and body-based approaches and trauma work and explores embodiment as a lifelong developmental process.


Conventional environmentalism is generally skeptical of economic growth, mass prosperity and continual technological progress, arguing that we must constrain our consumption and live more simply if we are to avoid overtaxing the Earth and exceeding its resource constraints. The recently constituted ecomodernist movement contends that economic and technological development can actually allow us go reduce our ecological impacts, make more room for nature and allow human communities to flourish as well. In his talk, Dr. Martin Lewis will explore the development of ecomodernism, examine its main positions and consider the criticisms that have been leveled against it.

Dr. Martin Lewis is a senior lecturer in the Department of History at Stanford University where he teaches world history and global geography.