East Rec Discovering The Unknown (10/24/2018)

Discovering¬† unknown conditions during a renovation¬† is what gives people heart palpitations during construction…
So pour yourself a mint julep and read on…..

Required Excavation-
One of the building code requirements to bring the pool concrete deck to ADA standards of 2% slope or less was to excavate 24 inches down around the pool deck area after tearing out the old concrete pool deck. The picture of the pile of pipes, wires etc. to the left are what had to be pulled out with the bulldozers to dig down far enough to meet that standard and for the soils engineer to come on site and examine the soil condition before it is put back in place.

The 24 inches of over-digging is required so that the soil is placed back 6 inches at a time so it can be heavily recompacted. This is to keep the new concrete from failing in the future.

One other unexpected issue during the digging was the discovery of some wet bad sub grade soil. The most cost effective fix from the soils engineer was to add lime to that soil but at the 24 inch deep level and not higher. The lime was kept out of the planting areas. Nordby was able to get the soils engineer out there immediately to decide how best to remediate this condition.

This faint orange painted square on the dirt represents where one of the deck piers is going to be placed. Unfortunately the sewer line is in the way and the main electrical line feeding the building. These need to be relocated. While we had the original plans of the building there was nothing from the past drawings that would indicate where the sewer line actually runs.

This wall below is in the existing pool equipment room. You may remember we are doing a small addition attached beside the building because the new pool equipment requires more space than the existing pool equipment room currently has. The door to be cut through to the addition has electric, gas and water lines that must be rerouted. The old sheetrock had many big excessive holes and moisture damage. Since the addition is using a better more current water/mold resistant finish wall product called densglass, Nordby recommended continuing with that product into the old existing pool equipment room.

This photo below shows the mass of low voltage landscape water & power controls that were discovered during excavation for the new foundation wall for the addition.

Troy is pointing to other line voltage electrical wire that also had to be cut during the excavation. The little white capped pipe with wire over on the wall left of him is the communications line to the building that also had to be cut.

The water had to be shut off to do the excavation and more dirt had to be removed because of the bad soil found below. This caused some of the plants we thought we could keep to be removed. So we will be having the landscape architect add more low water plants in their place.

The BCC will be going to the OVA Board meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 13th for a full report on budget and schedule, so feel free to come to get further details.

Even with these changes, unless we have a whole lot of rain delay, the schedule so far predicts major completion by end of January.

On this Monday, Oct. 29th, I am inviting the first 12 people who ask for a tour of East Rec progress to come for a guided walk through of the site. Please contact me via email at irish@harrell-remodeling.com and I will give you the time and let you know if you made the list.

We can only take a small controlled group onto the site, as work is continuing and site safety must be maintained. We have to choose people with the ability to walk on multiple uneven surfaces, with hiking boots and do a bit of climbing.

Iris F. Harrell