10-26-2020 Charging Stations At Berger

Charging Stations at Berger Center

If you are in need of a charge, we have three charging stations available at the courtyard in front of the Berger Auditorium.

Sanitary wipes are available. Stations will be open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Alexis Fretheim uses one of three power stations in front of the Berger Center.
Photo by Julie Kiil

Staff Phone Availability:
Due to power outages in Oakmont Village, OVA staff are not reachable by phone and cannot currently receive voicemails. If you are in need of immediate staff assistance please contact the Maintenance Team cell phone number: 707-328-4619
Most Admin Office staff members are working from home and are best reached by email. Please send general inquiries to AskOVA@oakmontvillage.com.


East Rec Reopening 10/1/2022

The City of Santa Rosa has repaired the water pipe that burst underneath Oakmoont Drive. The East Rec Center will remain closed for the rest

Cooling Stations Available During Heat Wave

Oakmont Village Association will have cooling and charging stations available from Saturday through Tuesday with the following parameters: Date/Date CAC Lobby Berger Center Saturday, September