East Rec Update (10/9/2018)

This photo below shows how Nordby’s superintendent, Troy left part of the sidewalk that will eventually come up, so the pickleball club members can get to the courts easily.

We are waiting for grading to occur next week. Our project manager is trying to get a site meeting walk through with the grader & the soils engineer this week to answer any questions the grader may have related to site conditions.

I have been heavily engaged this week with finalizing prepared details related to ordering the many acoustic ceiling panels and wall panels, sizes & layout….

Oakmont artist in resident, David Harris is painting up a storm at his house for the public art required to obtain final permit release.

Seven panels on each side of the elevated East Rec raised ceiling wall will have our own Mountain Views painted by David photographed & transferred to acoustic cloth ( like a tee shirt graphic image transfer)to wrap over the acoustic panels.
So we get a “two for one”- sound improvement and art with the same product.

David’s original art of these mountains will be hung artfully on the walks throughout the facility.


Iris Harrell
BCC Chair