11-01-2018 OEPC Minutes


  • P. Barclay
    Fred Polkinghorn
    Jim Ouimette
    Kay Oppenheimer
    Dennis Sabourin

o Meeting called to order at 2:05 pm. A quorum of committee members was present.
o Motion to approve August 2018 Minutes was unanimously approved.
o Fall communications drill results were reviewed:
§ Approx. 50 comm. volunteers participated – ham and ZC. COPE participation was disappointing.
§ Comm. traffic was generally handled well, with some recurring issues that will be addressed at a message handling review roundtable (date TBD.)
§ Ham participation was light; F. Polkinghorn to contact non-participating hams to determine their level of interest.
§ P. Barclay to pen ON recruiting article for new hams.
o Fall resident forum was reviewed:
§ Estimated attendance = 120 residents
§ Vendor participation was well received: Red Cross, PG&E, Sonoma County (2 agencies), SRFD, Bob Stinson display table, OPEC ZC and Hams, and COPE.
§ Kay, Bob, and Dennis were recognized for their efforts in organizing and executing the fair.
o Possible dissolution of the OEPC was discussed; committee would be reconstituted as OVA club/group. Advantages of dissolution: (1) Option to include COPE under common umbrella for better integration of emergency integration and response efforts; (2) Would allow OEPC responders to aid residents one-on-one – currently prohibited due to OVA liability as standing committee. Disadvantage of dissolution: Loss of OVA funding, would require development of alternate funding source(s). Issue will be put to a vote at the December meeting.
o Meeting adjourned at 3:15 pm.

Respectfully submitted: Pat Barclay, OEPC Chair, December 2, 2018


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