11/1/2018 Oakmont Progressives

Election Confusion? Right, Center, or Left This Might Help

  • By Tom Amato

On Monday October 8, over 100 Oakmonters packed the West Rec Center in an event sponsored by the Oakmont Progressives. Vince Taylor presented an analysis of what 16 different organizations- from very progressive to very conservative- are recommending on State Propositions. This is a great tool for those of us confused by some of the ballot measures and the link is below. The analysis ranks each ballot measure based on which organizations endorse or oppose a given measure. Each Proposition then gets a total score and ranking to show how progressive it is. The chart also goes into detail listing the support or opposition of all 16 organizations. A great thing for conservative voters is it is easy to reverse the score to see what conservative groups like! Maybe this will unite the left and right!?

In attendance on Oct. 8 was Councilwoman Julie Combs, who strongly supports Measures N. She pointed out that all Council Members, both “progressive” and even the one Republican on the Council, all backed Measure N.

Vince Taylor’s Analysis Chart can be found at:



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