East Rec Resident Walk Through (11/1/2018)

Monday we held a walk through meeting with 12 residents who signed up in advance at the East Rec so the site conditions with  discoveries of pipes, wires, electrical and water lines could still be seen before they get addressed with further work to replace and redirect as needed.
Below is the existing pool equipment room that had molded sheetrock with major holes hidden behind the various big old pool equipment along the walls. Also in the left back corner a door cut through is planned to join to the extra needed pool equipment addition. There are gas, water and electrical lines that have to be moved exactly where that cut through is.We will cover the walls with dens glass instead of sheetrock so the moist conditions of a pool equipment room will not affect the wall covering in the future.
This picture below is where the small two story  addition is going to be attached to the building. The excavation has been done. This week the digging and forming for the footing along the edges of the addition will be done.
The two story addition is on the left side of the East Rec in this rendering.
Electrical work has started this week and plumbing will start on Thursday. Staking has started already. The Berger four corner strengthening seismic work was added to the East Rec contract by the OVA Board quite awhile back, as it was the least expensive way to get the work done by a contractor already present. That work will start mid November which coincides with the hiatus Oakmont Lifelong Learning is taking a break. The soil compaction has been completed post excavation. The bulldozers will be back to dig the exact locations of the new replacement pipes and wiring that need to be replaced  around the pool.

The paintings for the public art by working Oakmont resident artist and interior designer David Harris have been started and need to be completed in time to have the art photographically transferred to the acoustic panels which will serve double duty in the raised ceiling “high hat”…acoustic panels with art on the cloth, like a transfer of art to a tee shirt.

Don’t miss the Tuesday, November 13th OVA Board meeting if you want more info and details on the East Rec progress and budget reconciliation.

Iris F. Harrell

We are all in this together…2018