11/1/2018 Jazz Club

  • Dolora Hurst
This month we were delighted to be invited to an evening DESSERT JAZZ Party for Jazz Club members, given by Dr. Jim Knapp, and his wife Debbie. Debbie is an accomplished pianist of both classical and jazz music. She and Jazz Club member Stephen Herrick, who is also a stellar musician playing both flute and saxophone, gave us a lovely evening of beautiful music. We were also delighted to have the extremely talented Larry Vuckovich give a “Listening session concert of rare gems of exciting jazz from the USA and the World, with storytelling commentary” in the Berger Center, on Friday. October, 26th. Having played with so many of the jazz greats, he has acquired an extensive repertoire of various jazz gems – the best America has to offer musically. We are very fortunate to have him come to Oakmont and give such an interesting concert sponsored by our new Oakmont Jazz Club. Jazz Club member Tom Murray has planned a fascinating program for the Clubs next meeting on Friday, November 2nd, in our new meeting room in the Central Activities Center, room B, 2:00PM. The address is 310 White Oak Drive. Tom plans to present two 30 minute recordings of a jazz program that was broadcast on WGBH, the public TV station in Boston, in the 1960’s.The show was hosted by Herb Pomeroy. He also will play a show featuring trumpeter Dizzy Gillespie and his quintet as well as one other show. You will not want to miss this meeting. All persons who love jazz are invited.


Jazz Club 1-1-20

Oakmont Variety Show The Oakmont Jazz Club ls presenting a Variety Show. It will be given by Oakmont residents who are talented in an art

Jazz Club 12-15-2019

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Jazz Club (5/15/2019)

The Oakmont Jazz Club is excited to announce that not only will they be presenting Bobbe Norris and Larry Dunlap for their program in June,

Three Prominent Jazz Musicians

Dolora DeGeer Hurst On June 14th, the Oakmont Jazz Club is presenting a concert featuring three of the outstanding musicians of our time. BOBBE NORRIS