11/1/2018 Mens’ Niners

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The month of October started off for the Mens’ Niners with the first round of the Fall Eclectic Play. Eighteen players participate on October 1st, with a first place tie between Stan Augustine and Joe Lash shooting net 29.5 each. Second place was also tie at 30.5 between Wayne Mickaelian and Rich Silvas. Ron Bickert placed third best score at 31 and Jim Norem’s 31.5 was fourth. John Derby was Closest to Pin on #8 at 7’ 4”.

Remembering the severe and historic fire storm of October 8, 2017, which virtually shut down all services in Oakmont and the courses for three weeks, the Club held a 2-Man Best Ball event on October 8th. Players enjoyed the clear skies and fresh air that day, as 21 participated and again thanked all of the first responders who helped save our community. The team of Tony Apolloni and Bob Ure won the day’s play with net 24. Al Bentham and Don Schulte were second at 26, followed by Wayne Mickaelian and John Munkacsy netting 27 for third best. Fourth best net score was a tie between the team of Art Boot/Bob Wilkinson and Stan Augsutine/Neil Huber at 28. Closest to Pin (#8) was Wayne Mickaelian’s 13’ 2”, edging out Otis Brinkley, who was 15’ 5” from the pin.

Any OGC member can join the Monday Mens’ Niners, the 2019 registration is now open and it only costs $20 for the year. If interested, email me at: stanaugustine@icloud.com



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