11/1/2018 Oakmont Democratic Club

Oakmont Democratic Club

Final Push for Blue Wave and for Local Housing

  • By Tom Amato

With the November 6 election days away and with many having already voted by mail, supporters of the local Housing Bond, Measure N are making the final push for votes. And Congressional Candidate Josh Harder who received a warm welcome in Oakmont, is working hard to become part of the Democratic Party Blue Wave that takes Congress away from Trump’s supporters.

Locally on October 4 to a crowd of over 120 at the Berger Center, Councilman Jack Tibbetts shared his perspectives on State and Local Ballot Measures. In particular, he voiced strong support for Measure N. After the fire, for most of us, this meant we were able to return to our homes and to “normal life.” But during this historic conflagration, in Santa Rosa over 5,000 homes were destroyed.

This catastrophe greatly deepened the already existing housing crisis. Many seniors and others on fixed incomes found themselves faced with soaring rents. Councilman Tibbetts spoke of how many young people have a hard time affording rents and how more and more are having to move out of the area. Measure N helps address this crisis by building quality low and moderate income housing in the central areas of our city. More info is available on line at https://votehousingnow.com/

For the Harder Campaign turnout will be key. But there is some good news regarding Josh Harder’s campaign to replace Trump Republican Jeff Denham. The Modesto Bee, which is the largest daily in Congressional District 10, recently endorsed Harder and a poll by Berkley IGA shows Democrat Harder with a 5 point lead. However, while these are positive signs, the outcome will

depend on making sure Harder’s supporters show up and vote. Oakmonters continue to push for a win including traveling to Tracy in the Central Valley.

Election Day Special:

Election Day itself is a key day where the Harder Campaign will need volunteers for a host of tasks. For example, some voters have trouble getting to the polls or need reminding. Help flip Congress by traveling on election day to Tracy. The Harder Campaign will need help at their office, on the streets, or “poll watching.” For more information contact Tom at amatothomposn@gmail.com


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