11/1/2018 Oakmont Garden Club

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  • Patty McHugh


When & Where: Tuesday, November 20 – Berger Center

Time: Tea and Social at 9:30 followed by meeting from 10:00 to 11:15 am

Topic/Guest Speaker: Winter Color in the Garden presented by Friedman Brothers. A selection of winter annuals will be offered. More information will follow in the next post.


There’s still time to…
* Plant frost-hardy perennials, trees, shrubs and native plants
* Sow sweet pea seed pods, or plant 6-packs
* Plant cool season annuals (i.e. primrose, calendula, pansies, violas, Iceland poppies (preferably from 4” or 1-gallon pots)
* Plant artichoke roots, garlic, rhubarb
* Clean-up any left over fall leaves and general debris.


Maintenance helps your garden tools last longer and perform better, so take the time to properly tend to them. Well maintained tools make the job easier on you, the tool, and the plant.

Take stock of the tools in your cache. Toss any tools that are broken and have been sitting in your tool shed for a couple of years, waiting for you to get around to repairing them (except, of course, for the ones passed down from grandpa). You’re probably not ever going to make the repair(s) or, if you do, you may find there is now a much better product on the market, maybe even for less money than the broken tool originally cost you (although, keep in mind you usually get what you pay for).

Here are some maintenance tips:

* Remove any dirt or residue from your digging tools. Simply rinse off with a garden house, using a stiff bristle brush if needed and dry thoroughly. Stubborn dried dirt may need a soak in warm soapy water and a steel wool pad.

* Pruners need to be cleaned and disinfected. You may recall Master Gardener Dave Gould recommended Lysol spray, though rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide will do a decent job as well.

* Once your tools are clean, they’re ready for sharpening. Sharp blades ensure cleaner cuts when digging, pruning and trimming. Unless you have your own stones/files and are handy person, this may be something you want to hire done.

* To prevent the wood handles from cracking and the metal rusting, oil cleaned tools with linseed oil or camellia oil.

* Store in a protected, dry space.

Finally, gather together friends and family this month and add laughter to your home. November is the month we give thanks for all our bounty, including the love we share with each other.


Oakmont Garden Club

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Oakmont Garden Club

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