11/1/2018 SIRS#53

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 SIR Robert Ripley Branch #53 is not just a social group that meets once a month for lunch and congenial conversation. The branch is establishing new activity groups to give members a chance to interact throughout the month. 

These groups include golf, dining with friends, poker, day tours, historical interests and wine tasting, according to Ed Kelleher, chair of the Member Relations and Recruiting Committee.  Stressing the theme, “Have Fun with Your Friends”, Kelleher stressed that SIR members can engage in activities with fellow members all month long, not just at the monthly meeting. 

The first event of the day tours group, set for Saturday, Dec. 1, will be a visit to the annual open house at the Luther Burbank Gardens in Santa Rosa. The group will car pool from the Berger Center at 10 a.m. The open house runs from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and includes a fascinating tour of the holiday-themed center and its surrounding gardens. Refreshments include mouth-watering cookies. 

The golf group, which holds a variety of cash-prize tournaments throughout the golfing season, will hold a luncheon at 1:30 Nov. 9 at the Quail Inn. 

The historical interest group is seeking a speaker for its first event, tentatively scheduled for next January. For more information, contact Kelleher at 521-9851. The book discussion group, currently inactive, will be reactivated if there is enough interest among the members.


SIR Ripley Branch #53 8-15-2019

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SIR 53: CHP Addresses Senior Safety

California Highway Patrol Officer David DeRutte will address older driver safety and mobility at the April 18 luncheon of Sons in Retirement #53 at Oakmont’s Berger Center. 


California Highway Patrol Officer David DeRutte will address older driver safety and mobility at the April 18 luncheon of Sons in Retirement #53 at Oakmont’s