11-13-2020 CAC Reopening

Please reserve your time to swim now:

Reservations are no longer required to use the pools or fitness center.

More Than 15 People Could Lead To A Shutdown
The Central Activity Center pool is reopening this Friday, November 13. Upon reopening we still be requiring reservations and a monitor will not be present. If the capacity of the pool reaches over 15 people for any reason, OVA will have to shut down the pool. We are strongly discouraging walk-ins to reduce the chances of having to shut down the pool due to breaching the 15 person threshold.

Outdoor Pool Showers:
Do Not Use Soap/Shampoo/Etc (Water Only)

OVA requires all pool users to rinse off in the shower before entering the pool.

OVA prohibits the use of any soaps, shampoos, conditioners, or any other type of body or hair product to be used on our pool decks when rinsing off before or after swimming.

The use of these products is not only a risk to our surrounding environment but also produces a significant slipping hazard on the pool deck.

The No Soap/Shampoo/Etc. Rule Extends To All OVA Pools