11-15-2018 Lawn Bowling

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  • Mary Blake


If you’ve wondered about the game being played on the lawn next to the Activity Center, drop by any Saturday afternoon from noon to 1:30 for a demo/mini lesson. A rink and equipment will be waiting for you!


Halloween Bowl and Pizza

Instead of our usual instructions for a tournament, Frank’s instructions were: The goofier you look, the better! Twenty-four of our bravest souls showed up to bowl on Halloween, forming 8 teams. Using yardsticks to measure, Bob Dodd headed the winning team, seconded by a devilish Rob Lenahan, and with Waldo (aka Steve Pickell) as a spot-on lead.

Ann Miller and Waldo (Steve Pickell)

Annual Member Meeting Thursday, November 1st, 1 pm

Our nominating committee proposed the following for board of directors:

Marilyn G (president), Jeana (vice-president), Tony (treasurer), Mary B (secretary) and directors Jim K, Jeannette, and Bonnie.

Thanksgiving Tournament, Tuesday, November 20th, 12:30 pm

Sign up on the equipment shed board. There will be refreshments, of course. Thanks to Frank G for making all these tournaments happen!

Awards and Holiday Party, Friday, December 7th, 5:00 pm

It’s always wonderful to party with our club, but, for me, the best part of OLBC’s awards party is giving to local foster children. Jeana prepared a list of Sonoma County foster children who could use a gift or two this Christmas. The list, in the bowls room, includes suggested gifts and a short description of each youngster. Sign up for a child (or two), take their name tag(s) from the tree. Bring the unwrapped gift and tag to the holiday party. We’ll wrap it and attach the tag. (AND, if shopping isn’t your thing, let us know and we’ll do it for you!) Sign-up sheet and name tags are in the bowls room!

To join the party, please complete the registration form and leave it, with your check in the OVA office by November 20th.


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