11-15-2018 Oakmont Tennis Club

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  • Ruth Layne

Women’s Doubles Tournament

On a beautiful October morning on the West courts, players met to determine which pair of women would earn the 2018 Women’s Doubles title. The tournament format was round robin, playing no add 8-game sets with total games won determining the winner. Maureen Pennal and Kathleen Tindle snagged the title, winning 17 games. Grace Barner and Terri Somers, took second place, and came close to edging out the winners with 15 games won. In reality, everyone was a winner when treated to a mini-spa massage after the tournament. Now that’s the way to cool down like the pros!

Be a Good Sport—Join Up! Renew Early!

Oakmont Tennis Club members love to have a good time on the court and off. When you join the club (for only $20 a year per person), you will benefit in a variety of ways, whether you play tennis or not.

We have a full year of fun, theme based tennis tournaments organized and funded by the club. You can attend to play or to watch and socialize. You can improve your skills through access to free tennis clinics, the use of ball machines, and Saturday morning drop-in play. You become a member of a community of tennis players who love to organize themselves into regularly schedule matches with players of similar ability level. We provide an annually updated print roster to help you find partners as well as an invitation to the members-only OTC website for everything you need to know about what’s going on.

What, you don’t really play tennis? Well, we also love to throw a party! Our agility on the court transfers directly onto the dance floor. Maybe. So, whether you like to play tennis, watch tennis, or just have fun, join the OTC. You’ll get discounts on events. Plus, it’s a fabulous way to build new relationships and maintain old ones, keeping you connected to people and activities throughout the year.

Membership coupons are available online at the OTC website for current members, and in the OTC Tennis Club folder in the OVA office. Coupons will also be placed on the bulletin boards at both the East and West courts. Or just clip the coupon at the bottom of this section. Return completed coupons with dues checks to the Tennis Club folder in the OVA office. If you have questions about membership, contact Joan Kline, joaniebones@gmail.com ,


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Place completed form and check made payable to Oakmont Tennis Club in the Tennis Club folder in the OVA office.

Women’s Tournament, one of the six tournaments in 2018
Wine and Food Pairing, Spring 2018, just one of OTC’s social event


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