11-18-2020: How To Do A Webinar

Should I do a Meeting or a Webinar?

If you would like to hold a Q&A, poll, or other type of interaction with a larger audience outside of your main speaker(s), then set your event up as a webinar.

If you would like to have an event where only a single or small group of people will be speaking, and there is no need for moderation, then set your event up as a meeting.

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NOTE: We can live stream meetings and webinars. If you want to share your event with a large audience, then consider a live stream, but if you want that large audience to be able to interact, a webinar may be your best option.

Participant Terminology

Role Meeting Webinar 
Can mute participants microphone, but participants can still unmute themselves. Can allow mute panelists, but panelists can unmute themselves. Can allow and disallow attendees from sharing microphone and webcam. 
Participant Controls own microphone and webcam. Specific to Zoom Meetings Divided into panelists and attendees in a Webinar
Panelist Doesn’t exist in Meetings Controls own microphone and webcam. Specific to Zoom Webinars 
Attendee Doesn’t exist in Meetings   Specific to Zoom Webinars  

Educational Resources

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Meetings vs Webinars: 

Meetings Roles:  

Webinar Roles: 

How to Lead an Effective Virtual Brainstorm (shared by Sue Aiken


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