East Rec Electrical, Plumbing, Piping & More (11/19/2018)

At the East Rec, things are happening…

Here you see one of the electricians pulling wire for the new LED lighting and he has his body poking through the new acoustic 2 foot x 2 foot ceiling grid newly installed.

The new rough plumbing has been installed with the relocated toilets and sink positions.

The piping for the new pool equipment is going in.

The new hot tub has the new piping in place….

Piping for the new raised sump pit in place.

Framing for the new pool equipment room has started. Second story framing coming next.

Opening from the old equipment room to the addition has been made, after moving gas, electrical and water lines.

When you see a metal lock box for tool storage, you know the electricians are going to be there awhile. This is a good sign.

PCD, our audio visual specialist has lowered our existing big screen to the proper height.

The East Rec renovation will be closed on Thursday and Friday for the holidays.
So far, the schedule is still looking good for end of January completion. Forecasted rain during the holidays starting this Wednesday, is the perfect time. No one will be working until
the following Monday.
And hopefully, we will all breathe easier after rain has cleared the skies and assisted with stopping the wildfires.
Happy Thanksgiving!
Iris F. Harrell
We are all in this together…2018