East Rec Progress (11/26/2018)

Rough electrical is happening, bigtime! You can see David Dearden, BCC Vice Chair and Rick Aubert, OVA Maintenance Manager standing in the storage room looking into the main section of the East Rec meetings with wires dangling everywhere.

Mike Hartley (above) whose company is providing the new automated interior shades and the automated exterior European Rolling shutters (For black out and noise control from outside activities) is reviewing the electrical plans with the electricians on site to make sure all electrical is ready for installation towards the end of the project.

Below you see that Deanna Alexander, Nordby project manager, Troy Llopis, Nordby superintendent, Mike Hartley and the lead electrician have to all be in agreement of what is needed electrically for the window shades. (The fall colors and the mountains are provided by “Others”.)

This window below is in the handicapped stall of the women’s downstairs bath. It will need to be eliminated, since a structural post for the extra wide opening in the conference room is coming down right in the middle of that. There is another window next to it that will still provide natural light, so this is not a real loss. Note the plastic coverage of exposed raw wood…weather protection during the rain. This whole opening will be closed up with plastic by end of day today.

The first door opening and jamb after walking into the downstairs baths has been removed for ADA access. The side benefit is that the bath will feel bigger and more open.

Tory is gearing up for his first major inspection which is called “rough inspection”. There are still little odds and ends that the building department needs for “deferred submittals”, which Deanna, David, Troy and I are working on to be ready for rough inspection. Troy has the permit papers safely tucked in plastic for the inspector

The ordered shade structureArrives on Thursday. The sinks and faucets arrived today.
Steel is ready for pick up for the upstairs widened opening in the conference room.

Rain is going to impair outside work for the next few days, but work on the inside continues, rain or shine. Managing for rain is always on the minds of superintendents. Troy has carefully tarped the new framing of the addition on the side of the building and is holding off on the second story part until the weather clears in the next few days.

We are in good hands.

Iris F. Harrell

We are all in this together…2018