12-20-2019 East Rec Update

Happy holidays, Oakmonters!

Here is the last update on East Rec for 2019!

I met site manager Troy from Nordby yesterday to determine the new direction of the floor tile being replaced in the men’s locker room for better drainage.

The tear out of the new floor tile area that was not sloping sufficiently to the existing floor drain as well as before the remodel, did not require jack hammering into the existing slab.

The fill of mortar that had been added above the slab to meet ADA code was just torn out. Now less mortar has been installed to meet the re-positioned floor drain further away from the urinal wall, which allows the slope to still meet ADA but drain faster.

The tilers had to change the direction of the floor  tile in that area to get the water to flow better, as the tile is an ADA tile that is rather resistant to slip, which slows the water down.
The relocated drain is where the tape roll is in the photo below. The grout will be completed on Monday.
Note-these tiles could not line up by grout line in two of the four directions toward the drain since it is not a perfect square we are working with, rather a rectangle. When the grout is applied, this detail will not be noticed.

Another bench has been added to the women’s locker room.

Great news-There were no leaks found under the sinks in either of the  locker rooms. The peeling paint & bulging  Sheetrock areas were damaged over long periods of time from mopping, etc.

This new white plastic material FRP ( fiberglass reinforced panel) installed under the sink areas will endure any type of water splash issues from cleaning in the future. You can hardly notice the white paneling under these sinks in photo below.

Troy did examine the wall contiguous with the shower to make sure there was not a leak in the pan by opening the Sheetrock.

The mantel style shelf & mirror for hair drying in the women’s locker room section will be installed next week directly to the left of the lockers. The electrical outlet for the hair dryer was moved up today from being close to the floor to shelf height for user convenience.

We should be wrapped up for Christmas with these final touches!

The only East Rec warranty item left is a concrete sidewalk repair that will be done at the same time OVA Maintenance manager  Rick Aubert will have Nordby do when other sidewalk work is being done in 2020.


East Rec was completed with a total CREDIT back from Nordby’s final construction contract of $32,713 that will not be billed to us.

We have crossed the finish line!

Iris Harrell
We are all still in this together in 2020