East Rec Progress (12/3/2018)

East Rec renovation is chugging along.

Second story addition being framed today.

The new pool and spa piping below is being installed to be ready for rough inspection on Wednesday. The health inspector will also be scheduled this week for pool/spa inspection.
After that the trench the pipes are in will be backfilled with dirt to get ready for concrete deck pre-work.

Rough Electrical continues as you can see by the pile of old wiring on the floor and the electrician on the ladder.

Jack Garrison on the right above and down below is custom measuring on site for the (20 inch +/- high by 4 feet wide) acoustic panels that will surround the room just above the door casings so the panels will fit perfectly to improve the acoustics in the room. The grid on the ceiling will be holding 2 ft x2 ft acoustic panels throughout the room, including the conference room.

Below are custom red metal pieces for holding up the countertops, a few metal supports for the folding door upstairs between the conference room and the big room, and bigger supports to act as base plates for the new steel deck posts.

Troy (superintendent on site)and Deanna ( project manager)are pointing to 2 of 3 buried electrical junction boxes behind sheetrock or mirror in the downstairs bathrooms. That condition is a building code violation. This is being corrected by their electrician with a big junction box in the ceiling with a painted metal access panel for ease of accessibility.

Another correction by the electrician is the set up of “shared” breakers, shared neutrals and grounds in the breaker box. That is no longer acceptable by code. Correcting these code violations is a good safety outcome for us for meany years to come.

Below Troy is showing how he will need to lower this existing switch to meet ADA standards. (Fortunately we have leftover tile stored from when this was put in years back to patch it easily with the existing tile.)

All of the 14 public art pieces below have been completed by David Harris and Richard Kasten. And they have been professionally photographed so the images will be transferred to the acoustic panels of the same size in the “high hat” of the raised ceiling in the main room.These art pieces are the mountain views you see out of each window at the East Rec. (Very clever idea!)

At our weekly progress update meeting we decided the Berger seismic work should be moved out to the week after Christmas and the week after New Years. It will take 2 guys 2 days to repair each structural corner. We are still waiting for the custom metal pieces for those corners, as the East Rec custom metal pieces were the priority for keeping the East Rec on schedule. I have asked for them to do the two corners by the plaza on the north side where we enter first.

One last issue to share is what are the visible signs that we have hired a professional contractor?

Troy vacuumed and put plastic down over the carpet in the billiards room which he is using as his construction office.

Troy set up effective rain protection of any opened up walls.

The number of trucks and Nordby employee parking below is an indication people are inside working!

Lastly, I went to the Rosie the Rivetor museum at Point Richmond in Oakland this past week and got inspired about women doing what was considered “men’s work” during the labor crisis of World War 2. Just wanted you to know we are in good hands and yes, together
“we can do this”!

Iris F. Harrell

We are all in this together…2018