2-2-2021 Town Hall: Can You Save Your Home from Wildfire?

Click Here to Download/Print The Slides:


First video shown during presentation:

Second video shown during presentation: (Embers hitting outside of home)

Same video as above, but later in the video: (Embers entering through attic)

Bobby Payne spraying Phos-Chek to protect homes in Oakmont:


10-4-2022: Town Hall: 2030 – What’s Next?

Come hear what was learned from this summer’s community conversations and learn about how to be a part of the working groups that will move this process forward. You must login to view this page.

9-27-2022: Town Hall: Valley of the Moon Golf Club

CourseCo, Inc will be making a town hall presentation to the community giving an update on operations and progress in the Berger Center on September 27 at 1:00 p.m. You must be logged into the website to view this announcement.

The Gin Game

Have you ever viewed an Oakmont Playreaders meeting? Check out this week’s video for a reading from The Gin Game, and watch them live at their meetings coming up this September.