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2018 Oakland Billiard Club Season: Looking Back

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The 2018 Oakland Billiard Club season came to a successful conclusion as sixteen players of all skill levels competed in the 1st Annual Thanksgiving Tryptophan 8 Ball Classic. After three hours of double elimination play, Phil Zapparelli ended the festivities by dramatically sinking the eight ball into the side pocket to defeat Steve Dieterle in a highly contested finale.

Our first tournament of 2019 will be the Saratoga Shootout on Wednesday January 23 @ 1:00. Saratoga is a fun game that combines the strategy of 8 ball with the fast action of 9 ball. The Club will conduct a quick tutorial before we begin play or you can stop by the pool hall on Mondays and Fridays @ 1:00 to learn. Make sure to sign up early to be one of the sixteen players in the Shootout.
On Wednesday January 16 @ 3:00 the Club will conduct it’s annual meeting. Agenda items will include: discussion of the frequency, variety, and dates for our 2019 tournaments; gauging interest on collecting annual dues and possibly offering prizes for some tournaments; having social/holiday events independent of tournament play; access/security issues pertaining to the pool hall; and information/updates on the future home and direction of the Club.
With our membership more than tripling in the past year we are now recognized as the fastest growing club in Oakmont. We encourage anyone interested in joining to come to our meeting on January 16 or contact the Club Officers listed below. The pool room hours are from 7:00 to 5:30 for open play and reserved for club members on Mondays and Fridays @ 1:00. Our instructors are available to work with either beginners or past sharpshooters interested in honing their skills. Contact Steve Dieterle (860) 502-4164 or Jack Linder (707) 880-9279 with any questions. See you on the rails!


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