2021: A Good Year For The Oakmont Community Foundation (OCF)

Covid again raised its ugly head in 2021, and Zoom meetings largely replaced live gatherings for Oakmonters. Your OCF board remained very active, however, and a total of seventeen grants were issued. The largest, of course, was the $25,780 grant presented to the Santa Rosa Fire Foundation, with Santa Rosa’s fire chief and mayor in attendance. The festivities occurred at the Berger Center Plaza last November 19th, and was made possible thanks to the generosity of Oakmont citizens. OCF believes this grant is just the start of our relationship with the Fire Foundation, and, with your support, we’ll help provide our firefighters the tools they need to not only prevent future fires but also them knock them out quickly if and when they do occur. You’ll read more about our ongoing support in future OCF articles.

Many of you may remember Dutch Lichliter, an active volunteer passionate about technology and education. Although Dutch has passed, his family wanted to ensure his legacy lived on in Oakmont. So, OCF was the happy recipient of a sizeable donation from the Lichliter estate, and two Oakmont organizations were direct beneficiaries. The next time you take a class with the Oakmont Technology Learning Center, check out that gorgeous new TV monitor, and say: “Thanks, Dutch!” And you’ll want to repeat that phrase when you attend an Oakmont Sunday Symposium class! Due to Covid, OSS decided to continue its lecture series on Zoom, and Dutch’s support (through OCF) allowed them to maintain their high quality of speakers.
Thinking about bequests, is it time for you to consider creating your own legacy fund to benefit Oakmonters through OCF?

Andie Altman is the OCF treasurer, and when she learned that the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors annually offers a Community Investment Fund Program – designed for non-profit organizations that support groups, enhance culture, and benefit their community – she applied and we won! The OCF board agreed that the Oakmont Health Initiative, with the wonderful service it’s provided to Oakmonters for several years, should be the recipient, and that presentation was made at the Berger Center this January 6th.

OCF’s own Jackie Ryan, along with Marty Thompson and Jim Brewer, were selected as 2021’s Volunteers of the Year and won the accompanying Susan C. Millar award! As such, they chose the deserving Caregivers Support Group, a part of Oakmont’s Volunteer Helpers, to be recipients of that $1,000 grant. Who will this year’s winner(s) be?

Other 2021 grant recipients included Music at Oakmont, Oakmont Rainbow Women, and the OVA Library.

If you haven’t lately, check out our improved website OakmontCommunityFoundation.com. There, you’ll notice donations can now be made easily online! (Of course, your check is always appreciated!) Notice the Support OCF page provides full details about our Oliver’s e-scrip program (the sign up form is here) as well as how to join our AmazonSmile program. Get on board!

Yes, 2021 was challenging in lots of ways. But Oakmonters, just like they always do, joined with us at OCF to make things better. That’s why our motto continues to be “Neighbors Helping Neighbors”!


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