July 13, 2021

Mark Your Calendars Now

Nathan Owens and Legends of Motown coming to Oakmont, courtesy of the Boomers Club, on September 18. Events for the rest of the year have been chosen.

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Playing pétanque is easy, but like most sports playing it well requires focus. By rule, a player whose turn it is to throw has one minute to do so. Alec Stone Sweet of FPUSA urges intentional use of that time. “Never point or shoot until you feel ready to do so,” Sweet advises, “get balanced and comfortable” in the circle, both physically and mentally. “If you miss a shot or play badly, step out of the round, take a deep breath; give yourself a chance to rethink what you are going to do.” Sweet agrees with the maxim that throwing too quickly will almost always yield sloppy play.

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Walking Hours

We have more people than ever walking on the course during non approved days and

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