October 1, 2021

Tournaments and More

We’ve had to make up for a lot of lost time and Jerry and his team packed in a lot of tournaments over the last 2 months. We also have more coming as well as a Halloween dinner, a Holiday Gala and an annual member meeting.

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All About Boules

Playing pétanque is relatively inexpensive since the game requires just a set of three identically patterned boules. The Club has boules for lending to players new to the game. But at some point most players want to have their own boules, which are metal, sold in sets of three, and last for years. Boules are finished both in smooth surfaces and in various patterns so players can distinguish them.

Boules fall into three categories: “leisure,” higher grade leisure, and “competition.” Leisure boules are chrome and a set typically costs about $20. Higher grade leisure boules are usually stainless steel and typically cost about $70. Competition boules are various grades of specialty alloy and typically range from about $70 – $325.

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Food Barrels

Our community certainly cares! Within 4 days two of the three barrels have been filled.

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Hanging in There

Oakmont Squares are hanging in there, dancing duly masked at the (long-term) temporary space at

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