November 19, 2021

Pickleball Corner

HELP WANTED Journalists for the Pickleball Corner. Requirements: 2 articles in 2022. Remuneration: Based upon

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Retired Educators/Teachers

This club has not met since before the pandemic. I am sure many retired teachers have moved to Oakmont over the past two years. Hopefully you will be interested in meeting other retired teachers here.

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Pétanque players stand inside a circle to throw their boules. Under the rules, the circle functions as a foot foul line. Beyond the rules, though, the circle occupies a singular place in the mores of the game. A player steps into the circle to do all the mental and physical work required to prepare and execute a throw.

Once inside the circle, the player is totally alone, focusing intently on shutting out all distractions in order to concentrate solely and completely on the task of pointing or shooting a boule. Thus the “zen” of Pétanque is in the circle.

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Dance movements fromThriller and Time Warp can kick start 2021 holiday season with a positive spin. OHI Free Fitness classes offer upbeat calorie burning exercises for your health and Halloween happiness.

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Exercising Couple

Kathy Sowers admits that, “Oakmont Aerobics is my favorite exercise because of the music, the movement, and the camaraderie.” Kathy is a regular, along with husband Troy. This fit couple always served as an inspiration to other class members.

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