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June 15 and 16, 2022

Two club leader meetings were held in June of 2022 to talk about what has changed since the 2020 Club Leader Survey and the Oakmont 2030 process. Approximately 55 people attended. Listed below is a summary of the themes that emerged from those meetings. The raw data can be found on the Oakmont 2030 website, under Oakmont Today.

The Questions:

  • What are your hopes for the 2030 Initiative?
  • What are your concerns about the 2030 initiative?
  • Looking at the 2030 Club Survey – What is the Same?
  • Looking at the 2030 Club Survey – What is Different?

The Themes:

  • Better management/scheduling of existing space including outdoor areas and recreational facilities with needs, better understanding of current use trends important. Include the golf course buildings if possible.
  • More space, more support for all types of users (indoor/outdoor), ADA compliant, Adequate parking.
  •  Budgeting/finances need to be aware of fixed income residents and budget constraints while keeping up with maintenance
  • Need to continue to focus on sustainability and management of natural resources
  • Emergency preparedness continues to be a challenge, COPE and MYN programs need ongoing support, make sure COPE leaders are prepared and capable
  • Improved communication of ongoing Oakmont plans including Elnoka progress
  • Support for aging in place and for needs for a broad set of ages in clubs/activities needed
  • Central commons to meet up for improving connections between residents